Without the anxiety of classes and assignments over the summer, it’s safe to say that many Stags are allowing themselves to indulge in a Netflix marathon every so often.  Starting, and ultimately finishing, a new show is an emotional rollercoaster that everyone can relate to at some point.

You start out strong. You’re just innocently checking out the hype that is surrounding the show.  You’ll just watch the pilot, it’s not a full commitment.

Then, you’re six episodes deep and you’re officially hooked. OK, it’s only four seasons with 20 episodes each; that’s manageable.

Finally, it’s the weekend. Forty-eight hours later, you realize that you haven’t seen the light of day once.

You start dreaming about the show’s characters. You’ve “interacted” with them so much that they start appearing in your subconscious while you’re sleeping.

Realizing that it’s time to give yourself a break. You’ll let yourself watch an episode every once in awhile at the gym or before bed, but no more than a few per week.

It’s just too good. You couldn’t stay away for too long.

Netflix hits you with the “Are you still watching?” because it’s been on autoplay for so long. Even your friends are starting to notice that you aren’t around lately.

You’re nearing the end of the last season. If you avoid watching the last episode forever, the show never ends, right?

Trying not to set expectations. In your head, though, you know exactly how you want the plot to end, and you will be angry if that’s not what happens.

The moment of overwhelming emotions as the last credits roll. You’re not sure exactly whether to feel relief, panic, satisfaction or sadness.

Now what do you do? You can’t just start another show, so you decide to take a hiatus from watching Netflix for a bit.

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