Moving back into school. Let’s get this party started!

Starting the pregame. You haven’t seen these people in literally less than a month, but it feels like a lifetime.

Oh no, you actually have class. You roll out of bed wicked hungover, unsure where you have to go and when you have to be there.

Did I buy the textbook? Why is my professor keeping us the entire hour and fifteen minutes? Is he going to start lecturing? I didn’t even bring a pen today.

Going out again! It’s only been a few nights, but the lack of sleep and proper amount of water is starting to catch up to you.

Meh, the gym is so crowded. Just like you, everyone is trying to stick to their resolutions.

Oops, you forgot to go grocery shopping. You were too busy getting back into the swing of things; thank goodness for Uber Eats.

It’s over, now the real work begins. No more going out every night or blatantly not bringing your books to class. Time to buckle down and have a great semester.

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