The Mirror’s Best Fairfield Memories

The Coffee Break Team has put together a list of the staff’s favorite memories at Fairfield U….soon you’ll have your own list filled with great memories just like these!

Catherine – Editor-in-Chief

  • Joining The Mirror staff
  • Creative Life Residential College retreat
  • Meeting and getting to know all of my friends!

Sheila- Managing Editor 

  • One of my best memories was living in Campion Hall freshman year and becoming so close with all of the girls who lived on my floor. They really became my second family and so many of my best friends today lived there with me! 
  • The holidays on campus have also been some of my favorite times. From the Glee Club Christmas concert to the candlelight mass and the trees up in every building, it is truly magical.

Julia – Sports/Executive Editor 

  • My favorite memory at Fairfield was moving in the second semester of my first year with my friend Ally! I met her at orientation and we reconnected in a class we shared. We are going to be roommates again in the fall, so getting to know her better and being able to live with one of my best friends is such a happy moment to look back on.

Colleen – Chief Copy Editor

  • Red Sea Madness my first year. Not that DNCE was anything outstanding, but being roped into a dance battle in front of everyone at the pep-rally with my now roomie was a great way to break out of my shell!
  • Sledding down the big hill by the library the night of a snowstorm. It’s so much fun, and it’s cool to see a bunch of college kids embracing the little kid side of each of us that still exists!
  • The first super warm day of the Spring semester when everyone is outside doing homework, hanging with friends or playing lawn games is so nice. It’s great to enjoy the weather and beautiful campus—and the country music playing out of all the speakers is a plus too (sorry, not sorry!)

Maria – Opinion Editor

  • My memory would be the talent show

Molly – Vine Editor

  • My favorite memory at Fairfield was watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox four times in a row with my roommate… oh… I also studied abroad too, so that was kind of dope!

Tristan – Coffee Break Editor

  • Second semester my first year, when my friends and I really got to hang out and get to know each other.
  • Getting to know other NSLs.
  • Getting to know many different people. 

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