During the afternoon of Oct. 30, a male deer, also known as a buck, reportedly entered the Bannow Science Center through an unopened window on the ground floor, according to Assistant Director of the Department of Public Safety John Ritchie.

The DPS officers who responded to the situation reported that the deer sustained injuries while crashing through the window. The officers then tracked the deer to Bannow room GR-27 and turned the incident over to Animal Control.

As a result of the injuries the deer suffered from contact with the sharp glass fragments during the collision, “the deer was dispatched in adherence with state and town policies and procedures,” Ritchie said.

Sophomore Aleksei Korobow was “really surprised and shocked” when he heard about the incident with the deer.

“As I’m walking back to Claver I see the deer stuck in thorn bushes with a bunch of officers around it and I couldn’t help but see what they were going to do,” Korobow said.

Korobow added that he felt that DPS and Animal Control handled the situation properly and made the right decision in ending the deer’s life “because it was already injured pretty badly beforehand and it seemed like it was in a lot of pain.”

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