Joe Paterno. Gaddafi.  Arab League.  Occupy Wall Street. GOP Debates.

If you find yourself wondering what these terms mean, it is time to break out of the Fairfield bubble and get informed.

It is easy to get caught up in Fairfield life and forget about what goes on outside of the 06824.  Life may seem like it is all about class work, basketball games and whose beach house is having a keg this weekend, but let’s face it… the real world begins after these four years.  Don’t leave yourself unprepared!

By following any of these five easy steps, you can prepare yourself for the post-grad world and become a more informed citizen.

1. Change the homepage on your web browser

If you are constantly bombarded by the news, you will probably click on an article or two.  Websites like or make perfect homepages because the page is filled with images and quick overviews of the day’s biggest news stories.

Try changing your homepage after a few weeks to get a new perspective on the news.  Websites like, or can give you a different perspective on current local and world events.

2. Follow a News Organization on Twitter

Twitter is great because in 140 characters or less, you get a news story.  It is quick and easy, and by reading them all the time you will probably click on a few articles.

Because of limited space, news organizations tell you the most eye-catching, interesting piece of a story in a tweet.

Twitter accounts, like Huffington Post, Washington Post and BBCWorld to name a few, update every few minutes.  Even following one news organization will expose you to tons of updates on things that you need to know.

3. Download a News Smartphone App

Just about every major news organization has a free application and they send updates as the news happens.  Even if you only check the stories in the few minutes before class starts, it makes a difference.

Most of us are attached to our mobile phones, so why not read a news highlight or two somewhere between text messages and Facebook stalking?  It’s easy.

4. Make the Most Out of Diversity Core

It’s no secret that Fairfield Core classes can be annoying, but the world diversity and U.S. diversity requirements force you to keep up with current events.

Make the most of the core by taking a class like People, Places, and Global Issues or Ethical Dimensions Global Business, which incorporate current events with classroom discussions and topics studied.

5. Start Small

Begin with what interests you.

If you love sports, download an ESPN app which gives you both scores and game highlights as well as stories about the Penn State sex scandal.

In a few years your boss isn’t going to ask you for your opinion on Natty Light vs. Bud or what you think about beach parties vs. townhouses.  Get informed now and save yourself from playing catch-up later!

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