Tuesday, Oct. 30

7:30 a.m. Vandalism was reported on exit signs in Jogues Hall.

Wednesday, Oct. 31

5:31 p.m. Vandalism took place at a townhouse. One of the windows was reportedly smashed. There are currently no suspects.

9:14 p.m. A student reported a burglary in Campion Hall. The student reported that personal items were stolen.

Thursday, Nov. 1

2:16 a.m. A window was smashed from the outside of a room on the ground floor of Regis Hall. The item that broke the window is suspected to be either an apple or a baseball.

Friday, Nov. 2

8:31 a.m. An attempted forced entry occurred in the Dolan School of Business computer room.

Saturday, Nov. 3

12:02 a.m. A student was found tampering with the fire alarm equipment in Claver Hall. Because it is a felony, the incident was reported to Fairfield Police.

2:23 a.m. A student reported an assault at the townhouses. The student was taken to the Health Center for evaluation.

2:32 a.m. A hit-and-run accident occurred at the Dolan School of Business parking lot. The party was identified, and the student was referred to judicial.

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