A bill requiring a member of each board under the executive branch of the Fairfield University Student Association to attend every General Senate Meeting will be introduced at the GSM on Jan 30. The proposed bill, which is entitled “A Bill to Provide FUSA Senate Consistent and Transparent Information from the Executive Branch,” speaks to frustrations expressed by senators at previous GSMs.

Last semester, President Danielle Rice ‘19 and Vice President Matthew Marshall ‘19 attended a single GSM. The bill would mandate that a representative from programming board, council of student organizations, marketing and public relations board, treasury board and diversity and inclusion board appear at every GSM.

The bill cites the FUSA constitution as the basis for this new requirement, “…it is necessary that the Senate has a consistent flow of information about what FUSA is doing and what FUSA is not doing; therefore the Executive Branch has a constitutional duty to provide such flux of information.”

Senators will discuss and possibly vote on the bill at the GSM on Jan. 30 in the Lower Level of the John A. Barone Campus Center at 6:30 p.m.


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