Fairfield University students gathered in anticipation at The Levee on the evening of Tuesday March 27 to hear the results of the 2018 Fairfield University Student Associate senate election. Polls for voters opened up at 9 a.m. and were closed by 7 p.m., the election party was held at 9 p.m. that same evening.

In lieu of a microphone, FUSA Chief Justice Matthew Marshall ‘19 stood atop a chair to ensure that the entirety of The Levee could hear the names of the winners. After the students quieted down, Marshall read the names of each of the winners by graduation year.

The senators for the rising sophomore class are as follows, Luckario Alcide, Nasser Elijamel, Ali Haidar, Angelica Miceli- Kaya and Noelle Guerrera with the highest amount of votes.

As returning senator, Guerrera voiced her ideas on issues that she feels need to be addressed, “Participation with school wide events is a recurring problem… with better attendance, there comes a quality experience at Fairfield.”

After the class of ’21 was announced, Marshall moved forward to announce the winners from the class of ’20, write in candidate Brian Gozzo was elected along with Bradd Cyr, Mccormick Leys, Luke D’Agostino and Lauren Oemcke coming in as the poll leader.

Oemcke was a part of her high school political organization, which she stated contributed to the reason she felt inclined to run for FUSA Senate. She then went on to highlight some of the issues which are important to her, “I think that parking is a really big issue on campus, school spirit is also especially lacking.”

In an unexpected turn of events, the FUSA Senators for the class of ’19 could not be announced because of a three-way tie. “Due to the large number of write in candidates, we cannot make an official declaration of winners for the class of 2019,” stated Marshall from atop his barstool.

The announcement was met with confusion and awkward silence in the room, as Marshall then apologized for, “leaving everyone on a cliffhanger.”

After the winners were announced, multiple students voiced their opinions on what motivates them to vote and what issues they feel need addressing.

“I am looking for someone who is hardworking, determined and passionate about Fairfield University, I’d also like to see more funding for school organizations and activities”, said Jack Campbell ’21.

Sophomore Patrick Setiadi then explained the type of person he felt would be the ideal candidate, “Someone who is available for the people, I want someone who is passionate, someone who will take action and not remain neutral.”

The newly elected FUSA Senators are set to take office next semester in Fall 2018. As for the class of ’19, FUSA has not released an exact date, however the winners should be announced in the near future.


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