For the first time ever, there will be an obstacle course throughout the Fairfield campus. On April 23, the Wounded Warrior Project, in conjunction with the Fairfield University Student Association, Inter-Residential Housing Association and Fairfield @ Night, will host the first annual Fairfield Grit ‘N Wit.

Grit ‘N Wit requires students to demonstrate both physical and mental stamina, which is supposed to symbolize a what soldiers must endure while they are serving, according to Kelley Oliveira ‘17, co-chair of sponsorships and donations in the Wounded Warrior Project.

“Grit ‘N Wit has never come to a campus like this and Fairfield has never had anything like this before, so that is really good for our club,” said Oliveira. “It’s a huge obstacle course that goes around 20 plus different modules throughout the campus, and you test both your intellect and your physical strength.”

According to the founder and president of the Fairfield chapter of Wounded Warrior Project, Stephen Dierks ‘18, WWP decided to have the event on campus because Grit ‘N Wit was interested in coming to the University and other campus partners wanted to have an obstacle course on campus.

“The event will be a 1.5 [mile] mental and physical obstacle course for all ages and abilities,” said Dierks. “There will be 20 total obstacles. The course will begin and end by the stag statue and will go throughout campus. Teams can be from three to five people as this is a team event.”

Colleen Wilson ‘11, the program coordinator of FUSA and Fairfield @ Night, brought students together from different areas on campus to cover the costs and further the collaboration for the event.

Wilson was optimistic about what student responses will be.

“This is a unique event that we haven’t had on campus before,” she said. “I hope that even those that don’t participate on a team will still come out to support those that are running.”

Oliveira is also optimistic about the event.

“It is the ultimate obstacle course for both your mind and your body,” she said.

However, Dierks is concerned about attendance since Townhouse Time Travel is on the same day as Grit ‘N Wit.

“[Townhouse Time Travel] will probably impact the attendance of juniors,” said Dierks. “However, overall, I still think that many people will be at the event, predominantly freshmen and sophomores who won’t be at Townhouse Time Travel.”

The event is unique in its combination of using both mental and physical prowess together.

“Grit ‘N Wit is New England’s first 1.5 mile obstacle course where ‘brain meets brawn,’” said Keleigh Power ‘18, the treasurer of Wounded Warrior Project. “Other typical obstacle courses test you physically, but at Grit ‘N Wit that’s only half the challenge. Participants will not only run the 1.5 miles, but also take on 20 mental and physical obstacles along the way.”

The top three teams will be rewarded with apparel, gift cards and other various prizes.

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