This past Tuesday, Sept. 26, the Fairfield University Student Health Center sponsored the first of their three annual flu vaccine clinics in the lower-level Barone Campus Center—and the attendance was overwhelming. 

Throughout the five-hour window that the tables were open, a single line which wrapped around the ground floor persisted. The high attendance led to an increased wait time, with some students standing for close to an hour.

Junior Nohea Breeden was one of many students to be proactive and register for the first round but found the delayed process to be shocking. “It’s so awesome that so many people want to get their flu shots, but a 45-minute wait is crazy!”

“It was a much longer line than I anticipated,” shared Cole Filson ‘24. “I was surprised to see that, although I made an appointment, I had to wait around 50 minutes for my shot. For a Hartford Healthcare event, I was surprised that they did not set a finite amount of people per appointment time which resulted in the long wait.”

All nursing students were required to receive a vaccination on the first day as part of their clinical courses. Some students believe this was the main reason contributing to the hefty registration list and long waits. 

Sophomore nursing student Mia Gorczynski was scheduled for an 11:15 a.m. appointment Tuesday morning, but instead received her shot well passed the predetermined time at 12:45 p.m. “They only had three people giving shots for like 100 students which made it take so much longer,” she described. 

“Personally, I think all [nursing students] should have been put to the front of the line,” she continued. 

Nursing student Sophia DiStefano ‘26 reiterated Gorczynski’s sentiments by adding, “It was annoying that even with an appointment we had to wait 50 minutes in line. I just think that the school should have let [non-nursing major students] know that this was the day most nursing students were coming so they were prepared.” 

In terms of future appointments, some students expressed an absence of worry and even expect a swift experience when it’s time for their clinic.  

Junior Angelo Corsini shares that his appointments in years past have never been a problem. “I’m not concerned about the wait times. I’ve gotten my flu shots at school for the past two years and I was in and out in a matter of five minutes,” he shared.

Senior Chloe Falls who is signed up for the final clinic of the season shares, “If the wait time is that high then it loses its convenience factor, but hopefully, there will be fewer people in my session since it’s the last one.” She continues by proposing that if the wait time is still an issue, then “they should set up more dates so students could squeeze in a flu shot between their busy schedules.”

The second and third vaccine clinics will take place on Thursday, Oct. 12 and Wednesday, Oct. 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the LLBCC. Students can sign up for their yearly shot by registering online through My Chart Plus or through the email sent from the Student Health Center.

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