In fall 2021 the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts will be hosting The Literary Salon as the virtual ‘book club hour’ for Fairfield University in association with Meryl Moss. 

“Appreciating the diverse interests of our Open MINDS Institute class programs, we want to create special conversations with fellow book habituates and seekers of ideas,” says Philip Eliasoph Ph.D, program director and professor of art history.

Through the new virtual book club, the Open MINDS Institute conversations will be sparked. 

Meryl Moss is the founder and president of Meryl Moss Media and has worked with various authors branding their books through “media media exposure, speaking engagements, social media, influencer introductions, creative marketing initiatives and solutions.”

While not every author is a New York Times bestseller, the Meryl Moss Media Group was the first to create BookTrib which gives authors a platform and a voice to be heard and read. The website also matches readers with those authors who align with their interests. 

In an interview with Moss she was asked several questions about the upcoming events.

When asked how the idea for the literary salon came about Moss answered that “the Quick Center interviewed a client of mine who was an alum, Frank Figliuzzi the author of “The FBI Way”

This connected her to the Quick Center and to Fairfield University as a whole.

Moss then mentioned that she and Eliasoph joked about how they had never crossed paths since she lives in the next town over from Fairfield, Westport. Thus, having this event at the Quick center made sense for collaboration.

From there Moss reflected on her career.

“[I have represented] authors for all these years and I’ve always wanted to see if we could do something with Fairfield. This was the moment where it all came together.”

Each event is held virtually over Zoom and highlights a different author every time. For instance, the first book salon hour features Annie Murphy Paul, author of “The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain”  on Sept. 21. 

Moss says that she goes about picking authors by keeping the interests of “The Quick Center and the world at large in terms of what people are interested in” and says she chooses “things [she] knows will be embraced.”

When asked what type of community she thinks Fairfield is, Moss explained,  “I think it is a sophisticated community” and has chosen authors in accordance with.

“Our first event, although she’s not a household name she’s somebody that I thought people would find very interesting to listen to,” Moss states. 

She emphasized that “The idea here is to bring people well regarded authors who might not be household names because there are so many that are so talented.”

Moss continues, “There’s so many books, so many authors, just not enough time”.

In closing the interview Moss was asked what she is most excited about, and said she is 

“Excited about partnering with Fairfield University and the Quick Center most of all” as well as, “seeing what people think and getting to know the professors that are going to be interviewing the authors with me. Just the whole community aspect of it”

Moss believes that this will be an entertaining event — however she suggests those who attend familiarize themselves with the author before attending. 

The Literary Salon is free, but registration is required. People can register for the event on the Quick Center website


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