As Nov. 4 drew closer, students of Fairfield for Peace Now supported their red or blue vote more decisively: they continued their sometimes vicious political debates, they donned their comical T-shirts poking fun at Palin, McCain, or Obama, and they dedicated their Facebook statuses to their candidate of choice.

In an effort to reunite students and emphasized peaceful, patriotic peace, Fairfield for Peace Now organized a nonpartisan event on the front lawn of the BCC on Monday, Nov. 3.
At the event, members of Fairfield for Peace Now helped build and decorate a tarp shaped like a peace sign. Students who stopped by the event added a message to the peace sign using blue and red markers.

‘The goal is that during the day the peace sign will fill up similar to a color by number drawing with peoples’ words,’ said one student organizer Brittney Borruso ’10.

The peace sign decoration was followed by a discussion of what peace means to the student body.

There was also a presentation of facts about current situations in the world and what students could do to help promote peace.

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