As the spring semester comes to a close and warmer weather is imminent, students all over campus are looking forward to what many people consider to be Fairfield University’s signature event, Clam Jam.

Clam Jam will be held on Penfield Beach in Fairfield on Saturday, April 28. Tickets for the event went on sale last Friday, April 6, and students noticed an increase in price from years past. This year, seniors were charged $40 per ticket, with their guest tickets coming in at $60 and juniors will pay $60 for entry.

A large contributor to this $10 increase for juniors was the loss of Redbull as a sponsor. Redbull sponsored Clam Jam 2017; they provided many of the tents as well as the stage. Since they will no longer be involved with the event, this leaves the cost for such items up to the University. While ticket sales are the main contributor for paying for Clam Jam, the Beach Resident Advocacy Group also had to pick up some of the outstanding expenses.

Another factor to the increase in ticket price are the live performances. DJ Greg T will be opening for the students at 12:30 p.m., with the main events following after. Arguably the most expensive part of the whole event, this year’s Clam Jam will feature the Ying Yang Twins and Cheat Codes. Associate Director of Residence Life, Pejay Lucky, noted that these performers were more expensive to book than White Panda was last year.

Changes for this year’s event also include the food that will be served. Caterers include Sodexo, Dominoes and Qdoba. This is considered a large improvement from last year’s food choices, as only Sodexo was available for the students’ dining needs.

The alcohol variety essentially remains the same for Clam Jam 2018, as beer and cider will be served at the bar.

Students have expressed mixed reviews about the rise in ticket prices, with some more concerned than others. Junior Leopoldo Castillo said, “I suppose when you take into account all of the food options and the performers for this year, a $10 price increase isn’t all that significant.”

Seniors especially have expressed agitation at the rise in ticket prices in relation to senior week, as stated by Erin Monahan ‘18, “I would love to do Clam Jam and all the other senior week events, but with the high ticket price it’s just prohibitive.”

Junior William Carlin agreed that the performances and free food make the ticket prices worthwhile, “with the school increasing the price of the ticket, people are going to expect a lot. Fairfield getting Ying Yang Twins and Cheat Codes is definitely an upgrade, not to mention all of the extra free food.”

With Clam Jam being such a highly raved about event here at Fairfield University, students have high expectations for this year’s festivities.

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