Two separate and unrelated sexual assaults have occurred on Fairfield’s campus over the past two weekends.

Students were notified by the Department of Public Safety on Tuesday, Oct. 29, that a sexual assault had occurred sometime over the recent weekend of Oct. 26.

This notice came less than a week after students received an email informing them of a sexual assault that occurred over the weekend of Oct. 19.

Fairfield Police received a report from Bridgeport Hospital that a victim was sexually assaulted on the Fairfield campus.  Police notified DPS and the Office of the Dean of Students about the incident at 1:20 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, according to Todd Pelazza, director of public safety.

The victim of the second assault is a non-student, and asked that police and the university take no further action regarding the incident, said Pelazza.  He added that DPS does not know exactly where or when the assault occurred, or whether the alleged assailant is a student.

The previous sexual assault occurred on campus on the evening of Friday, Oct. 18.

While the incident was originally reported to DPS on Oct. 21 by a person not directly involved in the incident, an official complaint was filed with DPS and the Office of the Dean of Students by the victim on Oct. 25, according to Sgt. Mike Santos of DPS. This allowed them to proceed with an investigation.

At this time, the matter is being pursued by the university and Fairfield Police, who are still involved with the investigation, said Santos.

So far, no arrest has been made.  According to Santos, a male student is a suspect, with the victim of the alleged assault being female.  Pelazza refused to comment on whether the victim is a student.

“There is no current threat from the suspect to the student body at large,” said Santos.

When asked whether the suspect was removed from campus, Pelazza responded that he could not comment.  However, he assured that “steps have been taken to eliminate any other possible threat.”

According to Santos, DPS could not disclose the nature of the assault because “the investigation is not over.”

Pelazza added that students should be cautious and aware of their surroundings at all times.

“Our community needs to watch out for one another, especially when drinking is involved.  Students need to know their limits, and to watch out for one another,” Pelazza said. “Be active in intervention if you see your friend potentially placing themselves at risk.”

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