Since students living on the beach have been restricted from campus for two weeks, speculation arose as to whom exactly is allowed on campus. As the new COVID-19 restrictions keep rapidly changing with the exponential rise in positive cases on campus, it’s practically impossible for every student to keep track of all of the new campus traffic regulations.

At the start of the semester, Fairfield created a visitor committee to determine exactly who would be allowed to come to campus. 

According to Alison Hildenbrand, director of undergraduate admissions, “the COVID visitor committee consisted of folks from across campus and set policy on every type of visitor to campus- admission visitors, those applying for jobs, people attending mass or weddings in the chapel, guest speakers for classes, corporate recruiters, etc.”

The University was fully prepared to tackle the visitor issue as the virus spread throughout campus.

Outside guests are prohibited, unless they have been approved by the University. Todd Pelazza, director of the Department of Public Safety, confirmed this, stating that “currently, access is restricted to students, staff and faculty.”

Tours are still being offered on campus, but they are limited to one family per tour guide.

Ride shares, such as Uber and Lyft, are allowed to pick students up and drop them off, but they are prohibited from leaving their vehicles. Some students have discovered that this also applies to anyone dropping off a student, like a parent or friend.

Just last week, new measures were put into place to monitor every person that enters campus. Pelazza said that the University has been compiling a list of people who are restricted from campus.

We currently have data on who is not allowed on campus,” he said. “That data is checked, preventing unauthorized entry.”

The LiveSafe green check mark is still required for anyone entering campus who isn’t just dropping someone off or picking them up. Security guards at the gates are required to scan every student’s StagCard upon entry.

“All members of our community must fill out the daily health verification survey in order to access campus, as well as use other services,” said Pelazza. “Currently we are requiring students to show IDs as well, as they enter campus.”

It seems like the restrictions on who can come to campus haven’t completely changed since the beginning of the semester, but campus security has certainly become tighter as students are required to show proof of identity to prevent restricted parties from arriving on campus. Overall, these restrictions are keeping the student body safe.


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