To the Editor:

As I read Michael S. Guarnieri’s letter to the editor in the April 6 edition of The Mirror, entitled “Creation not ‘random and haphazard,” there were a couple of things I wanted to point out.

I have met several same sex couples that were allowed to adopt children. Those couples were all very nice people and they raised their children well. Please consider the households across America in which children are being raised by one parent because of divorce or some other reason.

What about the households in which there are abusive parents? I know that not all families are like this. What about the children that are living in foster care or waiting to be adopted? There are homosexual couples out there that would be able to supply children with supportive and loving homes. The children would see that the people who are raising them would give them love. As a result, the children would learn to love and accept other people for who the person really was.

The Church does teach people to love their neighbors. So, please open your hearts for a little while and try to spread some love and acceptance through the world because everyone needs some love.


Evie Dowd ’08

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