Emojis for All

Although some complaints have surfaced, like Taco Bell tweeting about the lack of a taco emoji, most Apple users have rejoiced at the slew of new emoticons – better known as emojis – released last week in...
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Editorial: Summer is coming

It's that time of year again, folks: The yellow teacher evaluation sheets are circulating. Group projects are running rampant. The Quad is full of students who should probably be in class, but instead are...
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Editorial: One Year Later

It’s been one year. One year since America once again bonded together in the wake of another unspeakable tragedy that befell American citizens. One year of preparing for the chance to show everyone that...
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Editorial Board: Bossy

When you search the word “bossy” on the built-in Dictionary on a Mac, this is the example sentence provided: “She was headlong, bossy, scared of nobody, and full of vinegar.” On YourDictionary.com,...
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Editorial Board: Hello, Goodbye

Thursday marks the beginning of a new season: spring. Judging by the warm jackets and gloves we still have to put on before bracing the subfreezing temperatures, the weather hasn’t exactly gotten the memo.
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Editorial Board: How we work(ed)

It is a bittersweet end for us seniors. We have spent our Tuesdays cooped inside an office in the lower level BCC for four years. We have worked on many stories for this paper and have met many people – students, faculty, staff and administration.
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Editorial Board: Hot Food, Warm Staff

Loan has asked Luigi to bring her a cup of hot chocolate down from the Main Dining Room consistently for weeks. A new table for the sweet treat with toppings is just another tool for us to get through the crunch of working under Tuesday night deadline.
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Editorial Board: Ideal FUSA President

To many here, Fairfield student government politics remains a bit of an enigma. It is tougher for a voting body to base their decisions on any type of logic when there are no political parties or significantly differing platforms. The first and foremost we can tell from any FUSA presidential candidate is their personality.