At last Fairfield University has a student president that is willing to fight for student rights.

Karen Donoghue, already noteworthy as our first female president, has once again shown her true zeal, determination and drive by calling police activity on the beach last Saturday “ridiculous,” and calling on members of her administration to consult town officials and discuss the problem.

How refreshing it is for students at Fairfield to finally have a student body president that takes a stand for their rights. Sadly, presidents in the recent past have not been willing to act publicly as student advocates, a role that is crucial for the office.

By calling into question the activity of police at the beach last weekend, Donoghue showed that she is not afraid to stand up to the powerful people of the town. This is one of the most important roles for an elected official to perform. The police have an important role within the community, as well, but elected representatives must work with law enforcement to ensure that the rights of citizens and common sense in general are not ignored.

Although Donoghue’s actions are commendable, her job does not end with public statements. Donoghue and her administration must continue to fight for students, both on campus and off, while maintaining a healthy relationship with town and university officials. Walking such a tightrope is a difficult situation, but The Mirror is confident that Donoghue is capable of doing the job.

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