I. The school has finally announced that we will be returning to campus in the fall! What are you most excited to do, upon your return to Fairfield?



Julia: I am really looking forward to being back with my friends! Never again will I take living in such close proximity to them for granted!

Catherine: I am just so excited to be back in general! I want to see my friends, I want to decorate my room at school and I want to spend hours in The Mirror office with my amazing staff again…I cannot wait!  

Sheila: I am going to hug my friends so hard, especially all my Mirror staff! Though video calls and texting has been great, this time has taught me that there really is no substitute for being there in person!

Colleen: I can’t wait to be back! I would have to agree that Zoom calls are just not the same; I will be sure to remember how lucky we are to be together in-person when we all return… big hugs for everyone! 

II. Plans for the NHL to resume the hockey season are in place! Who are you rooting for to take home the Stanley Cup?

Julia: No shocker here… the New York Rangers forever and ever!

Catherine: BRUINSSSSSS…nuff said. 

Sheila: Listen, this may seem like a question with no wrong answer, however that is not the case. Let’s Go Rangers! #playlikeanewyorker

Colleen: The New York Rangers, always the New York Rangers! 

III. Do you believe that social distancing is possible in residence halls and classrooms? Why or why not?

Julia: I don’t think so, but I hope that by September this country will have a better hold on the virus. I don’t think that any academic institution is completely equipped with the resources and space to accommodate social distancing guidelines. I trust that Fairfield will do all they can to ensure the health and safety of their community members.

Catherine: I am honestly fully prepared to have to wear a face mask all the time, everywhere I go on campus and do our best to sit somewhat distanced from each other in the classroom and other inside spaces; but, I’m willing to do it all if that’s what it takes to be safe and still get to be on campus. 

Sheila: I do think some new precautions will be needed on campus this fall, but like Julia says, it’s pretty unrealistic to try and enforce strict social distancing on a college campus.

Colleen: I would also agree that strict rules for social distancing will be hard to enforce on campus. However, I am sure that there will be precautions in place to protect the health of everyone in the Fairfield University community the best we can, and I am happy to abide if it means we get to return! 

IV. What do you have to say about Fairfield University raising their tuition during the Coronavirus pandemic?


Julia: There’s no excuse for it, plain and simple. READ. THE. ROOM.

Catherine: I don’t know who would ever be happy about the tuition going up even if there wasn’t a pandemic going on…so yeah this really is not the right time for that. 

Sheila: I was so shocked to read this the other day. There has never been a more obviously worse time to raise tuition.

Colleen: Horrible timing. 

V. How do you plan on encouraging writers from the class of 2024 to join The Mirror?


Julia: I hope that by being a greater presence on campus, we can attract all kinds of people to contribute. Our door is always open to students looking to make their voices heard!

Catherine: Joining The Mirror was absolutely the BEST decision I could have made in college and now I’m the Editor-in-Chief, which I never saw coming! The Mirror is such a welcoming and fun group to be a part of, even just as a contributing writer, so I highly encourage anyone who has an interest in writing or even joining staff to come visit us in the office sometime! Usually one of us is always in there so please stop by:) 

Sheila: Some of my best experiences at Fairfield have been made from being a part of The Mirror! Besides making some of my closest friends, I have been able to interview a New York Times bestselling author, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, have my story on the front page and so much more. It is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in ways I never could have imagined when I joined!

Colleen: The Mirror has been a great experience for me, full of learning and growth as well as lots of fun! Everyone on staff is so kind and understanding, and I have felt like a part of a true team every step of the way, from contributing writer to copy editor. I hope to see lots of new faces from the Class of 2024 in the office, we’d be more than happy to have you!

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