After a long summer of work, the highly anticipated Fairfield University Arena and Convocation Center is finally nearing completion. The building is really coming together now, and it is quite possible to visualize the finished arena. The exterior of the building, including the roof and glass paneling, is now all but complete. The computer-generated images of the new arena that have been hanging on the fence in front of the construction site look almost identical to the building that now stands behind them. 

Now, most of the work is occurring inside the arena, such as installing the 3,500 seats that the arena will eventually have, according to a press release on Another recent event that took place in the construction process was the installation of the scoreboard this August, according to @fairfieldu on Instagram.

There is still work to be done on the grounds surrounding the new Arena and Convocation Center, as the area is still visibly a bustling construction site. However, there are fewer cranes and large construction vehicles present than last spring, as the exterior frame, roof and paneling are now complete. 

Following this link, you can find the project’s Earthcam on This Earthcam allows the user to zoom in and see the progress from each construction day, dating back to May 7, 2021. The Earthcam is updated daily and will continue to be updated until the building’s completion. Updates and photos of the arena can also be found on the official Fairfield University Instagram page @fairfieldu.

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