On Friday, Sept. 27 the Fairfield University field hockey program’s seven-game hot streak came to an unfortunate halt when Northeastern University beat them on their own turf, 6-4. Fairfield’s overall record worsened to a still impressive 7-2 while Northeastern’s improved 6-2. 

Northeastern was quick to get the action started just two minutes and 43 seconds into the first period when Camille O’Conor’s goal was made possible on an assist by Lauren Rowe. Rowe is number two in the nation for scoring. Of her four shots recorded during the early evening game, three of them were on Fairfield’s goal and two successfully made it past Zoe Rosen ‘21 in the cage. O’Conor’s opening goal was one of the pair that she summed up, and her teammate Kasidy Anderson was the third Husky to put on a two-goal performance in Fairfield, CT. The trio were key members in the compelling offense that ultimately overpowered Fairfield.

Northeastern dominated the first half of the game, alone on the scoreboard 2-0 at the halftime whistle. They managed a third consecutive goal when Anderson scored off of her own rebound. However, shortly after Fairfield first-year Madison Hoskins switched into gear when teammate Gabby Saxon ‘22 set her up for a perfect scoring opportunity in the center, which Hoskins took full advantage of. 

Northeastern was afforded a penalty stroke not even a minute later, where they scored again, chipping into their new 4-1 lead. 

Towards the end of the quarter, Fairfield won back possession from a penalty corner by Danielle Profita. Rookie Julianna Kratz turned that opportunity into a goal (her third of the season), putting the Stags within two of Northeastern, 4-2. This would conclude scoring in the third, forcing Fairfield to fight relentlessly to uphold their precious undefeated record at home.  

Northeastern was incessant in the final quarter. Not even five minutes past the start of the period, Rosen faced and stopped a bullet by Sam Bodu, but failed to stop another just five seconds later. Northeastern found the net once more in that time-span and increased their lead to 6-2. 

Again, Fairfield drew a penalty corner and Profita deflected a pass by Malen Iglesias ‘22 to the back of the net. Junior Emma Matlach trailed shortly behind, making the final difference in score. 

Rosen was pulled with a minute and a half left in regulation time as a last-ditch effort to claim the win, but Fairfield failed to make up the two-point shortfall. The goalkeeper made an applaudable six saves of the 13 shots she faced, and kept her chin up despite the constant pressure put on her for the majority of the game.

Fairfield currently ranks fifteenth in the National Collegiate Athletic Association standings, which is a promising feat as they enter Northeast Conference (NEC) play this Friday, Oct. 4. They are slated to face cross-town rivals Sacred Heart University (1-9) with the home-field advantage at 4 p.m. on University Field. 


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