Patrick Kiernan: What is it like being on a college varsity sports team? What are some of the perks?

Felicia DaCruz: Definitely being part of a team, being part of a family and having people who care about you and respect you. Just being a Division 1 athlete is a great accomplishment too that I’ve always wanted to be as a player.

Alexys Vazquez: It’s amazing. A lot of kids don’t get this opportunity to play at college and it’s really an experience that’s taught me a lot, like time management and discipline. It really prepares you for the real world that comes after it.

PK: What is your best memory while being on the basketball team?

FD: Just making it to the MAAC Tournament. I remember we made it to the championship game my freshman year and that was probably one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of since I’ve been here.

AV: My best memory is probably creating a whole new family. I became so close with all the girls on our team and the coaching staff and it was literally like a second family to me.

PK: How do you prepare for the big games? How do you and Coach Frager deal in these situations?

FD: Coach Frager and the rest of our coaching staff do a really great job of preparing and scouting other teams. We work on other team’s plays and things like that in practice. Also, we want to work on our game plan and how we should go about beating each team that we play.

AV: I don’t really think we go about it a different way than any other game. We have to go into them like it’s a regular game and not think anything more. Of course, we always play with more heart, but don’t really do anything different than we’re used to doing.

PK: If you weren’t playing basketball, what other sport would you choose to play here?

FD: Probably soccer. I played soccer when I was younger and I played it on high school for two years. I loved playing soccer so that would probably be the sport I’d play here.

AV: Volleyball always seemed fun to me. I never played, but I’ve played softball for most of my life. So it’d probably be softball or maybe I’d try volleyball.

PK: If you could sit down with any three basketball players, who would they be?

FD: Coach Gail (Strumpf-Cheney), Coach Sabra (Wrice) and Coach (Dianne) Nolan. I think being able to sit down and talk with them to see their standpoints and perspectives on basketball would be ideal.

AV: Definitely LeBron, Michael Jordan and probably Stephen Curry right now. I love watching him play.

PK: What’s your favorite basketball team and how do you feel about them this season?

FD: My favorite professional team would probably be the Miami Heat. A lot of people ask me why I like the Miami Heat, and I like LeBron James because he’s one of my favorite players. Although a lot of people may disrespect him, he carries himself and his confidence level never drops. I think that the Heat are having a pretty good season thus far.

AV: It’s definitely the Heat. I can’t lie, I jumped on the Heat bandwagon when LeBron left. I love watching them play with Bosh, D-Wade and LeBron together, and they have Ray Allen, too, so that makes them really good.

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