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The Mirror: What is it like being on a varsity sports team at Fairfield? What are some of the benefits?

Scott Rainaud: Being on a varsity sport [team] makes it a lot easier to meet people, especially your teammates, who you spend so much time with. It’s also good to meet upperclassmen and learn what you have to look forward to.

TM: If you didn’t play golf for Fairfield, what sport would you play here if you could choose?

SR: I was really close to playing basketball in college instead of golf, so most likely basketball.

TM: Golf involves a lot of patience, how do you focus before a serious tournament?

SR: Having a good playlist on your iPod helps to focus on the van rides to tourneys, and when you’re practicing before…Bob Marley helps to calm me down.

TM: What is your best memory thus far while being on the Fairfield golf team?

SR: I was out all of last year with a torn rotator cuff, so I have only played in one tournament here at Fairfield. There we shot the 2nd lowest score in Fairfield history, so that will always stand out.

TM: What does your team do to work on your strength and conditioning with Coach Spellman?

SR: The team lifts three days a week in the off-season.

TM: If you could ask any professional golfer a question to improve, whom would you ask and what would you ask him/her?

SR: I would ask Tiger Woods how he stays so mentally focused week after week with all the pressure he has on him.

TM: What is your team’s biggest struggle that you are all continuing to improve on each day?

SR: Short game was really weak for the team last year, so that’s our main focus this year because it is arguably the most important aspect to shooting a good round.

TM: Since you have had a recent history of injuries, what are you doing to prevent future injuries from reoccurring?

SR: I basically just make sure I always stretch a lot before I play or practice, and I lift to strengthen my shoulder.

TM: What is your personal and team goal for September 26-28 at the University of Hartford Invitational on Bulls Bridge Golf Course?

SR: The team goal and my personal goal is to win every tournament we play in and we have the talent to do that. We just need to focus and play to the best of our ability and we will accomplish that.

TM: Thank you Scott, and best of luck at the University of Hartford Invitational!

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