When did you first gain an interest in basketball?

DaCruz: I first gained an interest in basketball starting in second grade.

Schatzlein: For me, it was pretty much my whole life because both my parents played basketball in college. So, I just grew up with it.


What made you want to play at a collegiate level and at Fairfield?

DaCruz: I think ever since I was little and started playing basketball, I saw people on TV and saw games, so it had always been a dream of mine to play college basketball. I just set that goal starting when I was younger, and I’m just happy to have achieved that and I’m grateful to be in the position that I am today. I picked Fairfield just because I thought the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference was a very competitive conference and we have a great coaching staff and surrounding teammates.

Schatzlein: I just love playing the game of basketball in general, and I knew that if it got to the collegiate level, I would challenge myself; that would make me a better player.


What sport would you play if you couldn’t play basketball?

DaCruz: Soccer because I played soccer in high school, but had to stop because of basketball. I always still wish I could play soccer, but at the same time, obviously I was better at basketball.

Schatzlein: Volleyball. I played it in high school and I loved it and I just think it’s a fun sport.



What person in history would you meet if given the chance?

DaCruz: Probably Martin Luther King Jr. or someone that’s been a prominent leader in our world and always had an impact, and just ask questions about their opinion on our world today and how we can go about making better changes as a society.

Schatzlein: Michael Jordan just because I think he’s the best player ever.


What is your favorite basketball team/player?

DaCruz: For the women’s side, Diana Taurasi. For the men’s side, LeBron James. I’ve always liked the way that he carries himself just because of how confident he is every game. Diana Taurasi, just the way her confidence is on the basketball court and the way she leads her team makes her a great person to look up to.

Schatzlein: I don’t have a favorite professional team, but my favorite player is Maya Moore. I look up to her; she’s a really great player.



Team prediction for Fairfield women’s basketball this year?

DaCruz: I think that it has been a learning experience for our younger players. I think we’re progressing in every game we’re playing in, we’re learning, and we each have to take every game as it is and just take a win and continue on our path. If we continue to take progressive steps as a team and individually, we’ll be in a good spot when it comes to the MAAC Tournament.

Schatzlein: Obviously, we started out on the rough side, but I think that we’re coming along well. We’re progressing, and that’s what we need to do in order to hopefully win the MAAC Championship.



Do you have a favorite basketball moment in life?

DaCruz: Last year, it was beating Marist away. This year, beating Marist again at Marist. I think beating Marist back-to-back times at their court was probably the best moment of my basketball career here at Fairfield.

Schatzlein: Mine is the same. Beating Marist.

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