To the Editor:

I couldn’t help but smirk after I read the letter to the editor last week that accused the athletes who left at halftime of the basketball game of being apathetic and disloyal.

Before I address these comments directly, let me first pose a few questions to all of the critics out there. Have you ever gone out of your way to attend a baseball or softball game? And if so, how many times have you actually stayed for all 9 innings? How about our nationally ranked men’s soccer team or our MAAC Champion women’s team?

I’m sure that people have either skipped the games or just stayed for about twenty minutes and called it a night. All of the critics out there are so quick to put so much blame on those who can’t show up for, or stay for, an entire basketball game.

Don’t take my letter the wrong way however. I by no means am the perfect fan or supporter. I feel I could do a much better job supporting each team here at F.U. At the same time though, you won’t see me pointing fingers at other people. I’m also a huge fan of the basketball team not just as a team, but as people. I love it when they produce a win, and I feel for them when they come home with a loss.

My grudge lies not with them, or any other athlete, but rather my problem lies with those who are so hypocritical in their judgments of all of us.

On another note, I agree with one point that was made in last week’s article: “Stags in the Stands” is certainly a great idea. In fact one of my closest friends is responsible for bringing the Red Sea back. However, as I’m sure everyone would agree, it clearly is not an attempt to bring students to all athletic events as stated in last week’s article. Instead, it solely promotes the basketball team and discount ticket prices.

It is all right that they are not geared toward every sport here, but do not try to convince me that they are. The T-shirts and the idea of the Red Sea are fantastic, but don’t criticize those who decide not to take part in it. You all make choices each season not to be involved in the majority of F.U. athletics. If you can criticize people for their lack of support, then they should be able to criticize you as well.

I support every single athlete at this University mainly because I am one myself, and I understand how hard each individual works to try to make the students and administration proud. So to all of you critics out there: instead of spending all of that energy pointing fingers at the non-basketball supporters, how about you expand your horizons and use that energy to become loyal supporters of all Stag sports?


Jonathan Fernando ’07

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