The fast paced routine of classes, schoolwork, exams and clubs can sometimes make the weeks feel overwhelming. The stretch to the weekend is definitely a grind, but always so worth it. The weekends provide a much-needed break from the routine of classes and homework, and being in Fairfield, Conn. offers plenty of fun activities to make the weekends exciting. If you’re looking to get off campus to spice up your weekend, here are five recommendations of weekend activities that you can do near Fairfield.

  1. Beach trip 

Fairfield is known for its convenient location just two miles from the beach, so we Stags have to take advantage of this while we can! With warmer days right around the corner, beach visits are a must. Gather your friends to lay out on the sand and read a book or have a beach photoshoot. If you really want to feel like the main character, have a beach picnic at sunset. Order a pizza or your favorite takeout and enjoy your meal as the setting sun casts its pink and orange glow across the sky. There is no better way to soak in the relaxing vibes of the weekend! 

  1. Rock Climb Fairfield 

If you’re looking to get adventurous and try something new on the weekend, hit up Rock Climb Fairfield! This rock climbing gym is located right in Fairfield, Conn. and is one of Connecticut’s largest climbing gyms. This is the perfect activity to try if you and your friends are looking for something new and exciting. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced rock climber, Rock Climb Fairfield is sure to be a crowd-pleasing activity. They host many different events and also offer day passes where you will have a quick orientation and can stay for as long as you’d like. Rock Climb Fairfield is definitely one to put on the weekend bucket list! 

  1. Day trip to Westport 

The town of Westport, Conn. is right around the corner! If you’re looking to explore a new place but want to stay close to Fairfield, this is the perfect option for you! Only twenty minutes by car and ten minutes by train makes Westport the ideal town to visit. Downtown Westport is vibrant and adorable. The brick-lined sidewalks and quaint shops give the town a charming and classic feel. This is the ideal place to spend the day walking around, popping into shops and trying out new restaurants. Planning a visit to Westport with your friends is a great way to add something exciting to your weekend. Make sure you have enough storage in your camera roll because there are so many great photo opportunities that are sure to bless everyone’s Instagram feeds! 

  1. Hike Sleeping Giant 

If you’re itching to adventure outdoors, Sleeping Giant is the way to go. Located in Hamden, Conn., this mountain has been a popular destination for college students around the New Haven area who are looking to get their nature fix. The 1.5-mile trail leads you up the mountain to the stone observation tower at the top. At the peak, you have an amazing view of the Long Island Sound and the surrounding New Haven area. Planning to hike Sleeping Giant is the perfect way to take advantage of the weekend and fully appreciate Mother Nature. 

  1. New York City 

One of Fairfield’s obvious perks is the close proximity to New York City. Only an hour and 15-minute train ride from campus, New York, N.Y. is a staple weekend destination for all Stags. While this trip will require you to spend some cash, there are many ways that you can take advantage of the city for cheap. Walking around New York to take in all of the sights is free and an excellent way to spend your day. Times Square and Central Park are two iconic tourist destinations that provide so much entertainment without spending a penny! There is no question why New York City day trips are some of our Stags’ favorite ways to spend their weekend. 

There are clearly so many exciting weekend activities to choose from right around our university! Gather your friends together to spend the evening at the beach, rock climb, go for a hike, explore Westport or venture into the city. These activities are guaranteed to make the most out of your weekend. Whichever activity you choose, you will definitely have a blast and make lifelong memories with your friends. Save these ideas for the next time you’re arranging your weekend plans! 

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