Nestled in the heart of Fairfield, Theatre Fairfield presents a captivating journey into the world of Greek mythology with “The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical.” As the curtains rise, audiences are transported into a realm where gods and mortals collide, following the epic adventures of Percy Jackson and his friends. With its dynamic blend of electrifying music, intriguing storytelling and charismatic performances, this production promises to ignite the imagination and leave audiences spellbound. 

This musical follows the extraordinary journey of Percy Jackson, a young boy who discovers he is a demigod, the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. As Percy navigates the challenges of being a half-blood and embarks on a quest to prevent a war among the gods, he learns the true meaning of friendship, bravery and heroism.

As a huge Percy Jackson fan, I was so excited to see this musical adaptation. As soon as it started ​​I was swept away into the magical world of Camp Half-Blood, where demigods and mythical creatures come to life on stage. The vibrant set design, electrifying music and dynamic choreography immediately captured my attention, drawing me deeper into Percy Jackson’s epic journey. It’s very clear that everyone put their heart and soul into this musical and it paid off. 

One thing that needs to be recognized is the amazing leads of the musical. Everyone did an outstanding job in their roles but Zachary Cirillo ‘27 who played Percy Jackson was a standout. Not only did he embody the witty, impulsive nature of Percy, but his singing blew me away. The song “Good Kid”, which he sang at the end of the first act gave me chills. 

 Katharine Gutkoski ‘26, who played Annabeth Chase embodied the fierce and wise demi-god perfectly. I thought she captured Annabeth’s snarky attitude, determination and resourceful nature with remarkable authenticity. The chemistry between Percy and Annabeth was spot on and I think it will resonate with audiences. 

Anthony Lupercio ‘26, who played the fun-loving Grover, did an amazing job of portraying his endearing charm, loyalty and humorous attitude. Not to spoil, but this scene with Grover and the squirrel was comedic gold. “The Tree on the Hill” in the second act was absolutely a standout performance for Lupercio. 

Dominic Chila ‘27, who played Luke, Ares and Gabe Ugliano was incredible. Though his characters were different, he played all of them with such ease, showcasing his versatility and talent. His vocals throughout the entire musical were powerful and commanding, electrifying the stage. 

Along with amazing acting, the costume and set design were truly exceptional, seamlessly transporting me into the enchanting world of Camp Half-Blood. I loved all of the special effects throughout the musical, it felt very engaging. I thought the costumes were very authentic and realistic for the world of Percy Jackson. Angelo Corsini’s ‘25 Chiron costume and Emily Sheridan’s ‘24 Oracle costume were both amazing and added so much to the enjoyment of the musical. 

Overall, Theatre Fairfield’s production of “The Lightning Thief” musical delivered an unforgettable experience that exceeded all my expectations. From its captivating performances to its ingenious set design and electrifying musical numbers, every aspect of the production worked perfectly. If you want to be transformed into the world of Percy Jackson, I highly recommend seeing the musical for yourself! It is running from April 17 to 21 in The Quick Center!

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