Premiering this weekend, The 39 Steps: Even More Abridged” is a whirlwind of a comedy with an engaging and whimsical atmosphere. Acting as the abbreviated version of the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film “The 39 Steps”, Theatre Fairfield’s student-run project is a must-see! 

Following the story of Richard Hannay, as played by Dominic Chila ‘27, the audience is taken on a thrilling adventure, filled to the brim with shocking twists and turns. 

Attempting to elude the police after being caught up in an international spy ring, Hannay finds himself on a thrilling search alongside Pamela, as played by Alyssa Suarez ‘25, for the knowledge of the allusive 39 steps. 

While this production has been entirely student-run, the heart, professionalism and diligence every member of the cast and crew has put forth is extremely evident. 

Directors Angelo Corsini ‘25 and Nora Jacobi ‘25 have cultivated an extremely talented group, who are able to go above and beyond in their storytelling! 

Outstanding performances from each of the members of the cast showcase their chemistry and brilliance in their craft. 

On-the-spot sound cues add to the quick-witted comedic tone, while captivating lighting adds immensely to the atmosphere. Creative set design and prop usage add to the charm of the story, and magnificent costuming brings each of the unique characters to life. 

As an audience member, I found myself feeling a part of the story, and on the edge of my seat throughout the entire show. 

This hilarious take on an old classic is an excellent demonstration of these stag’s passion and capability to turn a story into an unforgettable experience. 

Running this Friday, Jan. 26. at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 27. at 2 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 28. at 2 p.m., in the Wein Black Box Theatre, this year’s student production is an experience you should not miss! 

For more on how a production like this is directed, look out for an exclusive interview with the cast and crew in The Mirror’s Jan. 31. issue! 

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