From the return of everyone’s favorite crooked lawyer to the premiere of Mick Jagger’s take on the 1970s rock scene in New York City, the TV landscape is looking vast for the upcoming winter months. With the return of favorites and the premieres of promising new series, 2016 is already being geared to be one of the most interesting years in television. Below is a list of this season’s most anticipated shows and series as well as a mini-synopsis as what to expect from each gem.


Thursday, Jan. 28

“You, Me and The Apocalypse,” NBC, comedy, 8 p.m. – In the brink of global extermination, Jenna Fischer (“The Office”) joins Rob Lowe and Megan Mullally in London as the motley crew attempts to wait out the apocalypse by watching it unfold on TV.


Friday, Jan. 29

“The Vampire Diaries,” The CW, drama, 8 p.m. – Following in the heels of the popularity of “Twilight,” this show returns from a two-month hiatus to finish out the seventh season and to discover what happens inside the phoenix stone to everyone’s favorite love-to-hate vampire, Damon Salvatore.


Sunday, Jan. 31

“Grease Live!,” FOX, musical, 7 p.m. – By pulling in big names like Aaron Tveit (“Les Miserables”) and Julianne Hough (“Dirty Grandpa”) to play star-crossed lovers Danny and Sandy, the 1971 musical seems poised to make a comeback for the younger generations. Vanessa Hudgens also stars as Rizzo, the de facto leader of the “Pink Ladies.” 


Tuesday, Feb. 2

“American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson,” FX, drama, 10 p.m. – This season’s iteration of the pulp murder-mystery anthology series will follow the 1990 murder trial of O.J. Simpson with none other than Cuba Gooding Jr. portraying the titular antagonist.


Wednesday, Feb. 3

“Baby Daddy,” Freeform, comedy, 8:30 p.m. – The fifth season picks up where the fourth left off, with a hesitant Riley and Danny dealing with the aftermath of Danny’s impulsive proposal. As Ben puts an end to the love triangle that was a focal point of the series, Riley and Danny have a chance to make their relationship work, providing an interesting backdrop to the season.


Friday, Feb. 5

“Animals,” HBO, animated comedy, 11:30 p.m. – Ever feel like you have an elephant on your chest? That question will be answered as HBO unravels a new series on animals with human-like issues that will certainly become a modern social critique.


Monday, Feb. 8

“Castle,” ABC, drama, 10 p.m. – By far one of the best police procedurals on air, “Castle” returns from its three-month hiatus of season eight to focus on the struggle newly-appointed Captain Beckett and her team of homicide detectives face when it comes to the worst of what New York City’s crime life has to offer.


Thursday, Feb. 11 – Thursday nights on ABC, otherwise known as TGIT, feature a lineup of Shonda Rhimes’ most compelling television dramas.

“Grey’s Anatomy,” 8 p.m. – Whenever “Grey’s Anatomy” comes back from any sort of hiatus, viewers can be sure to expect the unexpected. A shortlist of what should be covered in the coming weeks: Meredith’s near-death experience after a patient’s brutal attack, more information concerning Owen’s mysterious sister and the (potential) final verdict on Jackson and April’s relationship.


“Scandal”, 9 p.m. – After tastefully tackling Olivia’s decision to go through with her abortion in the midseason finale, “Scandal” returns to deal with the aftermath of her decision and her relationship with Fitz, which cooled despite Fitz’s divorce from his wife Mellie.


“How to Get Away with Murder”, 10 p.m. – Viola Davis returns as the relentless Annalise Keating, a defense attorney and professor of criminal law. Even though viewers discovered who shot her and why she spent the first half of the season bleeding out on the floor, don’t expect that to be the end.


Friday, Feb. 12

“The Amazing Race,” CBS, reality competition, 8 p.m. – Currently entering its 28th season, “The Amazing Race” is set to feature teams of two ranging in relation from friends to professional Frisbee players. Certain legs of the race are also set to take place in never-before-traveled countries like Colombia, Georgia and Armenia.


Sunday, Feb. 14

“Vinyl,” HBO, drama, 9 p.m. – Join Terence Winter, Martin Scorsese and The Rolling Stones’ frontman, Mick Jagger, as they premiere their latest series on the corruption and greed behind the rock ‘n’ roll scene of the 1970s in New York City.


“The Walking Dead,” AMC, horror, 9 p.m. – With the rise of The Wolves and the upcoming threat of Neegan, it will take Rick and his band of survivors everything they have in order to survive the road ahead. The stakes are high and the anticipation is higher as no one is safe, even in the homely community of Alexandria.


Monday, Feb. 15

“Better Call Saul,” AMC, drama, 10 p.m. – From seedy defense lawyer to criminal mastermind behind Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” Saul Goodman is the man of many hats. The second season of this highly-acclaimed series follows Goodman as he climbs up the ladder of organized crime while making us laugh all the way up.


Sunday, Feb. 21

“Girls,” HBO, comedy, 10 p.m. – The tagline for this season, “They may be older, but they’re no wiser,” is an accurate summary of events to come as “Girls” enters into its second-to-last season. Hannah appears to finally be happy with Fran, but will that last? Also watch out for Marnie’s wedding and Shoshanna’s antics in Japan.


Monday, Feb. 29

“Gotham,” FOX, drama, 8 p.m. – Gotham isn’t safe as criminals are on the loose with The Penguin pulling strings in Gotham’s underbelly. It’s up to everyone’s favorite police chief, Jim Gordon, to take on the crime wave, though orphan Bruce Wayne is looking pretty powerful as well.

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