Don’t adjust your monitors. That’s Rev. Aloysius P. Kelley, president of Fairfield University, and he actually is holding a tray with discarded food items.

This is one of the fun sights students saw when they participated in the Midnight Breakfast, offered Wednesday night at the Barone Campus Center cafeteria.

Students who attended, more than 1000 in all, were treated to a free breakfast courtesy of the general fund, where money goes when students are caught by security’s roaming eye, speeding or parking in the wrong zone, among other sources.

The event started at 10:30, and by the end, so many students had participated that Sodexho even dipped into their stockpile of breakfast food to handle the demand. “I don’t think they were anticipating this sort of demand,” said Karen Donoghue ’03, president of FUSA, who also fulfilled her dream as waitress for the two hour event. “You know how it normally is when a new event is launched on campus.”

The tradition is an offspring of a UCONN staple, and similar to their tradition, students were invited to come in, sit down and be served by an interesting cast of characters.

Among those who volunteered was Jeanne DiMuzio, Director of Wellness and Prevention. When asked by The Mirror how someone with her title could be serving up some greasy sausage and bacon, she responded, after a long pause, “Because I volunteered.”

Others who could be found at the event were Todd Pelazza from the security department, Dean of Students Mark Reed, Donoghue, and of course, Father Kelley, who, according to Donoghue and other organizers of the event, seemed “excited about being able to serve eggs.” (Click to see pictures of these volunteers and more.)

All in all, the event was a major success, and those involved believe that it’s the beginning of a tradition at Fairfield. If it happens again, hopefully other fun volunteers will appear. Donoghue said, “We’ll approach people individually next semester about it. I’d love to see someone from the business department.” The Mirror also hopes our advisor, Dr. Simon, will be in line next time as well.

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