Many previous authors have been contacting us regarding incorrect bylines in our archives (articles written prior to Spring 2008). This blog entry should clear up some confusion regarding this issue.

In September 2008, the Web Site was upgraded from CollegePublisher 4 to CollegePublisher 5 (CP5). The upgrade process was extremely flawed and many bylines and article dates were lost. CollegePublisher eventually paused the CP5 rollout for many schools, since there were so many problems with the system. You may recall that the search feature did not work particularly well on the old Web site, so that you may have had to rely on Google to find archived articles.

When we converted the CP5 database to WordPress this past summer, it was apparent that some author info was missing, especially in the archives.

The Mirror supports data integrity and respects the history of our archives. Our online staff never removed any articles or bylines during the new Web site rollout this past October.

The database structure we were presented with proved to be a challenge. The online staff manually sorted over 7,000 articles into the proper sections. While it was apparent that some bylines were not converted, we were unable to determine the real authors. During the conversion over the summer, the old site was still live. We cross referenced the misrepresented articles to the ones on the CollegePublisher site and there was no byline displaying on the old site either.

If you are a Fairfield Mirror alumni and have written stories in the past, please use our search function on the top right corner of the Web site to search for your past articles. From the results page, you can then verify that the author information is correct. In addition, you may search for all articles attributed to you based on author name.

If you would like any byline issues corrected, please email online [at] and we will resolve the incorrect author name. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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