Halloween night. Drinking. Partying. An excuse for girls to dress sexy. An excuse for guys to look. So Halloween being on a Sunday this year won’t make a difference…or will it? For the past three years students here at Fairfield have been able to celebrate Halloween like it should be celebrated; with lots of alcohol and outrageous costumes. But this year with Halloween falling on a Sunday, it seems as though people may take it easy the actual night of Halloween since most students have class on Monday. Or will it give people an excuse to rage on a night they would usually stay in?

“I feel like a lot of people will be celebrating on Saturday. In other words, for our intentions, I think Halloween will be on a Saturday since people have class on Monday and can’t afford to go all out on Sunday,” said Jack Doherty ’11.

Yorel Hawkins ’11 agrees with his fellow classmate.

“I’m going to stay in because of class,” he said, “I actually asked a couple the same question and they said the same thing, so they’re going hard on Saturday instead.”

In most cases, it seems as though everyone will be heading out in their Halloween costumes not on Halloween, but rather on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This doesn’t mean that the holiday itself is ruined however. Girls; dress up in your “sassy” costumes for Friday and Saturday, hell, even Thursday. It’s the one-day (or three days in this case) of the year to have an excuse to wear that sexy nurse costume.

Guys; don’t worry. There are still three days to get crazy and admire the girls.

Instead of going crazy on Sunday, stay in and watch a scary movie, go trick-or-treating, or scare the crap out of the neighbors that aren’t so fond of your house parties. After all, it is Halloween.

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