The Best: CVS

Open 24 hours a day and housing everything from light bulbs to skin moisturizer to birthday streamers, CVS is by far the most convenient drug store in Fairfield (and there are two of them!). The CVS card is an excellent way to earn coupons and discounts on everyday necessities, while the occasional sale also helps cut costs (a vital thing for college students). Whether I’m picking up a prescription, suede treatment, or a makeup case, CVS has been there for me through thick and thin. Moreover, it is a one-stop shop for all those little odds and ends.

The Worst: Brooks

Brooks pales in comparison to the CVS conglomerate. They offer no widespread discount cards, no weekly circulars, and their prices are usually higher than CVS’s. Those of you with late-night emergencies must search elsewhere, as Brooks maintains traditional business hours. The size of the store is also much smaller and therefore the variety of items is less extensive. Sure, Brooks works as a quick stop on the way home for some cough medicine or perhaps a birthday card, but for heavy duty or late night shopping it’s simply no match for CVS.

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