The cast of “Jersey Shore’: Seven self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes spending the summer at Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is finally coming to an end on Thursday, and if we can take any of the previous episodes as examples, the season finale is sure to be filled with plenty of fights, fist-pumping, and “The Situation” trying to pick up guidettes.

The show has attracted a wide audience,  but MTV’s claim that “there is more to these tan and buff individuals than hair gel” (as described on MTV’s Web site) is a ridiculous notion. But at least it’s completely over-the-top and hilarious to watch.

There’s also been no shortage of controversy since the show debuted; most of the shows focused on the violence that is featured and its portrayal of Italian-Americans. Nicole “Snooki” Pilozzi was punched in the face at a bar in one episode, but after threats from various sponsors, MTV decided not to show the actual punch … and followed the episode with a message about domestic violence.

Regardless, there’s something about the show that keeps everyone watching. Maybe it’s the fascination with how calculated their days are (GTL — gym, tanning, laundry) or by how every night at the bar starts with inappropriate dancing and fist-pumping but is guaranteed to end with a hook-up or a fight (and in one case, an arrest).

Whatever your reason for watching, you don’t want to miss the season finale. And even if you don’t watch “Jersey Shore” regularly, it makes a fabulously entertaining drinking game — what better way to start your Thursday night?

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