No matter what kind of music you’re into, they is always something for everyone at the annual Van’s Warped Tour.

Whether you like hip-hop, pop, emo or rock, Warped Tour always delivers with the biggest names from each music scene.

This year’s 15th annual Warped Tour brought over 100 bands to Nassau Coliseum on Saturday, including mainstream artists Gym Class Heroes, Angels and Airwaves, Katy Perry and Story of the Year.

Despite the predominately “punk rock” crowd, hip-hop act Gym Class Heroes took the stage to a large welcoming crowd. The group, led by frontman Travic McCoy, jumped into their half hour set with their 2008 hit single, “Clothes Off!”.

The short but sweet set included other hits such as “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “Viva la White Girl.”

The main attraction of the all day music festival came when alt-rock group Angels and Airwaves took the stage.

Led by former Blink 182 frontman Tom Delonge, the band hit the stage at 5:30, performing their singles “The War,” “Everything’s Magic,” “Secret Crowds” and “The Adventure.”

Despite being one of the biggest acts on the summer tour, Angels and Airwaves were still greeted by some hecklers, who would hold up signs and scream remarks demanding a reunion of Blink 182.

The small number of hecklers were overpowered, though, by the cheering of the 4,000 plus people who gathered by the main stage to watch the bands impressive performance.

Gym Class Heroes and Angels and Airwaves are not only two of my favorite mainstream bands, but also two of my favorite live acts. Despite this, though, this year’s Warped Tour did bring some disappointment. Mainly, the lineup seemed to focus on bands geared more towards the younger audience.

While I walked in thinking the biggest attractions would be ‘Gym Class’ and ‘Angels,’ I was surprised to see the biggest crowds for pre-teen sensations Cobra Starship and The Academy Is.

But I guess I am just judging this from the wrong perspective. While I used to the think the music scene was just getting younger and younger over the years, I’m starting to think that the problem is I’m just too old.

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