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How Crimea’s annexation can actually help Ukraine

In a way that is not immediately clear, the annexation of Crimea might actually be a good thing for Ukrainians. That is — not simply the people who happen to live within the current borders of this Eastern European nation, but rather the ethno-linguistic group we call Ukrainians, who have suffered under oppressive or oligarchic governments for all of their modern history. It is clear to just about everyone that President Yanukovych had to go. But what next?

Coke ad sparks controversy over multilingual America

Just like that Cheerios ad from August that featured a mixed-race couple and child, the Coca-Cola commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVIII generated controversy. Whereas most people appeared to take no issue with the ad and, in fact, found it creative and beautiful, a loud minority reacted highly critically.
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Any (Crazy) Man’s Games

As President Obama delivered his 2012 State of the Union Address, the effort to bring attention to his administration’s accomplishments grew in momentum in preparation for November. He repeated...
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Living Christian, Not Just During Lent

If parents did their job well, it would make sense that children would continue the traditions and practices of their parents, without having a strong desire to rebel. Yet a better indication of successful...
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Media Matters

The news media, just like other television, is a product that can only exist when people like us watch it (and presumably the ads that go along with it). We assume that people feed us information about our...