nutrishus™: Fruity Iced Water

Dreaming of spring weather? I know I am! Why not trick your senses and try this delicious, fruity treat until the sun comes out? Lemon water can get boring after a while, so here you have a healthy, but prettier, treat that you can look forward to and that won’t set you behind on your goals.

nutrishus™: Dark Chocolate Banana Pancake Frittata

Feeling in the mood for some comfort? I thought I’d share with you my newest favorite recipe creation, which has quickly become my favorite guilt-free morning treat! The pancakes are gluten free, dairy-free, refined-sugar free and you would never be able to tell. Plus, they are packed with protein and fiber and will melt any sweet tooth’s mouth.
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nutrishus™: Nutty Nutrishus Protein Bites

This week's recipe is a super delicious and nutritious treat that I created as a clean, raw and delicious way to help you power through your exams, give you energy pre-workout or simply satisfy you between meals. The coconut oil serves as amazing brain food, a metabolism boost and instant energy.
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nutrishus™: How to make brownie bites

Hello there. I’m Trish, aka Nutrishus. Welcome to my weekly column where I will share with you delicious, nutritious recipes that I have created in order to add flavor to your life in a conscious way! You can find all of my recipes, research articles and cooking shows on my website: