If you’re like me, then you are probably always searching for a cute way to style your hair for a night out or even just for going to class. However, I hate spending too much time agonizing over getting my hair to be perfect, so I wanted to know some fast and fashionable options for getting my hair to look as cute as possible. The following are some of the season’s trending hair looks as seen in New York Fashion Week and sported by various celebrities and several brand models.


The High Ponytail is seriously in style right now. Since it is both casual, easy to achieve, but can be elegant if that’s what you’re going for, this style is a Jack-of-all-trades. An added trick is to wrap a piece of your own hair around the hair tie so it looks like your hair is actually holding up the pony.


Straight and sleek is also a style that has been coming up a lot. A center part with flat ironed hair might not be your style, but for people who are not gifted at curling hair like myself, it’s a blessing that this style is trending. However, for people with extremely curly hair, this style might not be as time efficient for you, but this next style will be.


All natural curls are back in and the bigger, the better. For those with gorgeous natural curls, this style is for you, but for those without natural curls, they can easily be achieved. Aside from the classic curling iron, my favorite way to get curls in my straight hair is by putting my hair in a braid of any kind fresh out of the shower before bed. Sleeping with wet hair in braids is a good way to achieve those curls easily, because you can sleep while your hair does the work for you.


Flat waves are my personal favorite hairstyle. They are so seemingly effortless and are not overly curly. Whereas big curls do not suit my naturally straight hair, soft waves are good for me to do a style other than straight without being too much. Flat waves are a big trend on the red carpet this season, probably because they look great on everyone.


Bob haircuts are also in style right now and might be a good option if you are someone who is drastically seeking a change in your look. A dramatic haircut is a good way to make a bold statement of change and they are a lot less maintenance than having long hair. Bob cuts are awesome if you are someone who does not like to spend time styling your hair.


Bows were the runway hair trend in New York, Paris, Milan and London. Brands such as Tory Burch, Marchesa, Rochas and more all opted for black bows on their runway.


Braids, though always in style, were particularly present on the runways this season. Rihanna’s Fenty Show, Christian Siriano, Balmain all exhibited different kinds of braids, which is also what makes them so great, the fact that they have so many different possible styles. Regular messy braids, boxer braids, dutch braids, cornrows and braid crowns are all trending and all super chique.


Going platinum blonde might seem excessive and kind of crazy, but it is a trend that is very popular in the celebrity community at the moment. A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Cara Delevingne are all ditching their old color for a platinum blonde tone and it really does look good on all of them. Not saying that platinum blonde is the right look for everyone, but maybe if you have been thinking about it these celebs will give you some inspiration to actually go for it.


Final tips: most of the trends emphasize being effortless and natural, and so sometimes the best trend might just be to rock your all natural hairstyle and enjoy not putting in the max effort every morning to achieve the perfect look.

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