When you wake up in the morning and look out your window to find that snow has enveloped the ground, there’s a rush of childlike excitement that fills you up and you just can’t help but smile. You are reminded of the days when school got cancelled and you got to roll over and sleep in your warm bed a little longer. The first sight of snow is one of those things that brings you joy and excitement no matter how old you are. You know exactly what comes next — these are the 12 best things about winter:

Snowball Fights Getting all bundled up, running into the street because there are no cars out and pummeling your friends and siblings with beautifully crafted snowballs — or hunks of snow that miraculously stick together — is the best thing in the world. Not only is it so much fun, but it’s also the best way to throw things at people without getting in trouble.

Building a Snowman – A tradition that everyone has to do at least once every winter season. Building a snowman family and decorating them with your parents’ scarves and hats — and secretly hoping that they will come to life — is so much fun.

Hot Chocolate – After being outside in the freezing cold, you need something to thaw your fingers and nose. Hot chocolate is incredibly delicious, especially if it’s homemade, and is something that everyone can enjoy. The best part is putting mini marshmallows on top and watching them melt.

Igloo Building – Everyone should try at least once to build an igloo. All you need is plenty of (good) snow, a shovel and some friends. Dig until you all meet in the middle and then enjoy your wicked cool new hangout.

Baking Cookies – If you don’t like to bake, you like to watch others bake. Why? Because you know that if you are in the vicinity of baking, you will either get to lick the bowl after or you get to eat freshly baked treats. Both are ideal options.

Christmas Movies – It is finally the time of year when it is acceptable to watch every classic Christmas movie that you love. There are numerous options, such as “Home Alone” (take your pick), “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and countless others. Now is the time to break out all of your favorites and binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Decoration for Christmas (and other holidays) – Decorating is the best family bonding activity. Everyone has something to do and it is something that everyone genuinely enjoys. Putting up lights around the house, decorating the Christmas tree and hanging your stockings are all signs that Santa is on his way.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – The start of a new year is always exciting; we feel a sense of relief that we get a clean slate. New Year’s Eve is also such a fun night filled with fireworks, the ball drop in New York City, celebrations, family and friends. It is also a night when we have no worries and a whole new year to look forward to.

Sledding – Similar to a beach day over the summer, packing up your car with sleds and all of your friends, blasting the heat and driving to the best hill in your town is the reason why we wish for snow. Two things that you must do when sledding to achieve optimal fun are: have all of your friends pile onto one sled and make everyone at the top with a sled link arms to create a chain before sledding down.

Winter Break – This speaks for itself; a break from nearly all responsibilities — at least those school related — is always welcome. Most people who work get at least half of the week off for Christmas or New Year’s and those in school get close to a month of freedom.

Onesies – Winter is the one time of the year when you get an excuse to be a child and wear a onesie without being mocked. Lounging around the house in a warm onesie watching movies or drinking hot chocolate and not getting yelled at for being lazy is the dream.

Christmas Music – As much as we hate Christmas music any other time of the year, somehow it magically transforms into the best genre in the world during the holidays. All the talk of holiday cheer and chestnuts roasting puts a smile on our faces and when the classics like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” come on, we tap into our inner Grammy winner and belt out all the words.

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