As stockings are tucked away with care and the Sugar Plum Fairies take their final bows, the clock strikes midnight, marking the end of 2023. Unfortunately for Stags, this also means the end of winter break. 

For many Fairfield University students, winter break was time well spent with family and friends. For others, it was a period of much-needed relaxation in preparation for the new semester.

Spending the majority of my holiday season surrounded by my loved ones, I had an amazing holiday break. Balancing two winter classes did not leave a lot of time for fun, but when I was able to get away from the computer, I had a blast! 

Hopping on the train one Wednesday afternoon, my friends and I visited Boston. After sharpening our skating skills on the Frog Pond, we found ourselves scarfing down some delicious food in Snowport. While busy, I also made sure to get some quality time with those that I love. 

Sophomore Abi Evans also spent her break alongside her family and friends, time that she is extremely grateful for as she “had not seen much of them before the first semester,” Abi adds. 

Escaping the cold for a bit, Abi had the incredible opportunity to travel to Antigua with her family. “It was really interesting to learn about the citizens’ culture and see their beautiful island,” she remembers fondly.  

Having time to reset is something Abi is very appreciative of. “I was able to feel fully refreshed when returning to campus,” she expresses.  

For junior Jacen Januseki, winter break was fantastic! Starting off strong with a trip to the Bahamas, Jacen was able to spend some much-needed time with a few of his close friends. “It was very relaxing and temperatures never dropped below 70 degrees!,” he exclaims. 

Alongside lots of sleeping and preparing for the new semester, Jacen is also very grateful to have had a wonderful Christmas. “My father got me a framed poster for my Star Wars film that I created last year, which I am very thankful for,” he explains. 

The Bahamas was a recurring location for students over break. Junior Jennifer Fajardo went on a Western Caribbean cruise right after finals. “For Christmas, we were in Cozumel, Mex. it was so relaxing … ” I bet she wishes she was still there after the first two weeks of weather we had this semester.  

Travel continued to be a popular theme among first-year students. Seina Dowgiewicz ‘27 traveled across the border into Canada over break. “I went to Montreal to ring in the new year,” she shared. First-year Patrick Breeden flew overseas to travel back home to Hawaii.

Staying inside the United States, Erin Resnick ‘25 took a trip to Florida. When asked what she did, she recalls her trip to Marco Island, Fla., in which she read books on the beach. She couldn’t help but mention that there were so many fun shells and that since it was Christmastime, the holiday cheer was beautiful with the palm trees that had Christmas lights on them.

Even after finishing her last semester with The Mirror, Executive Editor and Vine Editor emerita Brooke Lathe ‘24 was still “super busy!” She went on a nine day writer’s retreat in Enders Island with the Fairfield MFA program in which she “learned a lot and built connections with so many people like [herself].” For even more fun, she spent a weekend in Boston, MA. with her older brother, attending a Celtics game and dining at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, an experience she claims has been on her bucket list for forever!

Whether it was flying to a tropical island, traveling to a big snow-filled city, or staying home to be close with loved ones, Stags were able to enjoy their winter breaks before the new beginnings of the spring semester.

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