Year: Junior

Major: Philosophy

Minors: Mathematics, Education

Fun fact: I’ve donated my hair every other year since sixth grade.

Where are you from: Franklin, Mass.

Where you’re most likely to be: Either [Office of Student Engagement] or running around because I schedule everything down to the minute.

Best coffee shop: I know it’s a chain, but I have to be loyal to my Masshole roots. Dunkin’ Donuts is bae. Masshole actually was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Einstein’s order: Large iced caramel and if it’s before my education turbo, I’ll get a plain bagel with cream cheese too.

Funniest Halloween Costume: I’ve seen the face masks for Clinton and Trump, and they’re honestly hilarious.

Favorite Candy: Reese’s Pieces

Best dance move: I’d like to think all my dance moves are great.

Favorite shoes: I wear my Toms every day.

Pet peeves:  Willfully ignorant people and slow walkers.

What is your favorite event Fairfield@Night hosts? Why?

Obviously BINGO; I’m the Event Manager of the Bingo series so I have bias, but seriously, we always have great prizes and a lot of fun.

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

My favorite Halloween memory would have to be walking around the block with my best friend Abby for the first time by ourselves and seeing all the international students from Dean College acting bewildered by the Halloween festivities.

What is the funniest memory that you have or story that you have

heard at Fairfield?

I have some pretty hilarious roommate stories I could share, but I think she’d be upset if I shared this publicly. I’ll share something from my first year that my friends used to do. On weekends, they would go into people’s townhouses and take food out of the fridge and just leave it on the porch. They wouldn’t steal it or throw it or anything, just move it around their house.

Who is your favorite family member? Why?

My nana is my favorite family member, for sure. She and I have such a close bond, and I worship her unrelentingly. I would drop anything to go and visit her right now. I just have the utmost respect, love and reverence for her. She’s been such an influence in my life: through my educational choices, my work ethic, my love for learning and my openness of heart.

If you were a millionaire, what would you do?

I would definitely allow myself to relax a little and buy a nice vacation for my family for us all to enjoy time together in the summer when my cousin and I are back from our spring semester abroad. I would probably make a few donations to the Alzheimer’s Association and save the rest of it.

Who would be your three celebrity best friends? Why?

I don’t really follow celebrities outside of their characters on the TV shows I watch, but my guess would be Priyanka Chopra, Ellen DeGeneres and either Emma Watson or Oprah Winfrey. I just feel like I could learn so much from their life experiences and the fact that we could bond over our core beliefs in equity, human rights and educational reform. I strongly believe they are all women to aspire to be and women every age group can view as a role model.

Who is your favorite super villain?

I know it’s super basic, but the Joker. He’s a classic.

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