Ali Phaneuf, Editor-in-Chief

Hey stags! Little Al here, and I’m wicked excited (yeah, I’m from MA) for this year with The Mirror! I remember admiring the “Gilmore Girls” lifestyle when I was younger, and now I’m ready to embrace my true Rory Gilmore by drinking five cups of coffee a day, eating an obsessive amount of pizza (which you can all enjoy too if you come to our weekly pitch meetings on Mondays *wink, wink*) and, of course, soaking up every minute as the Editor-in-Chief of a private University in Connecticut. Go Stags!

Cara Lee, Executive Editor

This semester, my personal Mirror goal is to my year-and-counting debate of whether our 2am issue-is-done photo shoot is enough reason for me to get a Snapchat. In all honesty, though? I’m looking forward to every second of this adventure. We seem to have a great new staff, our ed-board is sending off some pretty great #GirlPower vibes, and I keep having “Star Trek: The Original Series” flashes with our shorter than the rest blonde/brown Editor-in-Chief (Captain), glorified fishbowl office (the original Enterprise set) and the constant disbelieving gazes from students in the BCC wondering why we would feel in anyway compelled to do what we do (Every. Single. Alien.) All of this points to a great year ahead – so let’s do this!

Deanna Carbone, Managing Editor

The Mirror has been giving me chest pains since my second semester at Fairfield! I’m looking forward to the new staff working together to ensure we don’t leave the office in the early hours of Wednesday mornings. Fun fact about me is that I hate the song Happy Birthday so on my birthday I have my friends sing Nicki Minaj’s verse in Monster instead of Happy Birthday.

Sabrina Trueheart, Copy Editor

Hi, I’m Sabrina and I’m the new copy editor for the Mirror! I am a sophomore here at Fairfield majoring in English. I am also the president of Stag Roots on campus. In my spare time, I am a singer/songwriter, and I have toured Connecticut performing at coffee houses and music venues. I am very excited to be part of such a great team of young journalists at Fairfield!

Sabina Dirienzo, Opinion Editor

Hi all, I’m Sabina and I’m the new(ish) Opinion Editor. This semester, I look forward to continuing to answer everyone’s random AP style questions. I’m also a member of team Mirror politics majors, and my initials spell SAD. Yes, actually. Despite that, I’m looking forward to a great semester with our spectacular new staff!

Connor O’Rourke, Coffee Break Editor

Hey guys, I’m Connor and I’m the Coffee Break Editor (for now, but going back to Assistant News!). I think that there’s a lot of potential for a great year with The Mirror with the new team. I want to help make The Mirror great again and I think that with this amazing new staff, we’re going to do just that! With our new fearless, but small leader, I have no doubt we’re going to achieve great things this time around.

Patrick Getz, Sports Editor

Hey guys, I’m Patrick and I am the new Sports Editor for the Mirror. I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys and New York Mets fan and I follow my teams daily. As a hobby, I love to work with animals, especially dogs, since I have trained Seeing Eye puppies for the blind. I am excited to fill Alfredo’s shoes as Sports Editor.

Katherine Klima, Vine Editor

Hi everyone, I’m Katherine and I’m the new Vine editor! A little about me: I’m a sophomore English major with a minor in digital journalism. I love Ed Sheeran, awful movies and anything to do with writing! I’m really looking forward to being a part of the Mirror team this year!

Claire Monahan,

Hi I’m Claire Coffee Break alum and current News Editor. I’m a politics major who is confusingly on the pre-med track and is also somehow on the paper? Just kidding, I love The Mirror with all my heart, happy to spending even more hours in here.






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