‘Tis the season for endless stress and late-night coffee runs. These tips and tricks a la Kevin McAllister will save your sanity during the upcoming final exam period.

Get enough sleep. Sure, pulling an all-nighter is basically a rite of passage during final exams. However, you’ll be much more productive and focused if you catch the proper amount of snoozes.

Try not to get frustrated. Don’t fall back on snapping at your roommates or your mom when you’re feeling overwhelmed. They’re on your side!

Channel your stress into something productive. Take a spin class at the Rec Plex or go for a run.

You’re allowed to freak out. It’s perfectly normal to have a breakdown or two, so don’t bottle it up.

Stay hydrated and healthy. Don’t fall back on constant takeout. Keep your body in check in order to keep your mind sharp.

Plan ahead. Try not to procrastinate and stay on top of what is due and when to relieve yourself of some stress.

Treat yourself where you can. Don’t completely deprive yourself of comfort food and sharing a few laughs, but be sure to stay on task.

Grab a buddy. Study with friends so that you can suffer together.

Utilize the campus resources. Hello, puppies in the library; need I say more?

Good luck, Stags!

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