Once again it is time to register for classes for the upcoming semester. This is one of the more hectic times, because so many people vie for the few spaces in the coveted classes. Dreams of every class starting after 11 a.m. and Fridays off will dance through the minds of almost everyone, even if the luxury is only available for a few.

One major downside to registering is the lottery numbers. They have officially outlasted Denver to become the world’s last remaining dinosaur. Even still, lottery numbers are neither my friend nor a whole lot more. I say we get rid of them and have a total free-for-all to determine who gets which classes.

The most useful tool we have for classes is the scheduling booklet. It is like an academic smorgasbord with anything you desire at your fingertips.

Trying to pick between courses is difficult, because every class sounds lousy in print. Even the most interesting class will sound bland when described in the booklet. Because of this, many people seem to choose their classes based on the professor teaching it.

Ratemyprofessor.com undoubtedly gets flooded with hits during registration period. The site is helpful in some cases, but mostly it is where people go to vent about petty details before they even finish the class. Hopefully someday people will use Fairfield Fuse to rate professors, because it could be so much more helpful.

Here are some tips for all the classes.

Freshman: Get to know your advisor well. They know way more than you do. Also, become familiar with the word ‘closed.’ You will be hearing it frequently. I feel bad for anyone with a crappy lottery number in the class of 2009. I am not a psychic, but I see an 8 a.m. Friday class you do not want in your future. Tough luck, dudes.

Sophomores: Hopefully you have chosen your major by now. Other than that I do not have any advice to offer you.

Juniors: No more three-a-week classes, and maybe you will even have Fridays off. Congratulations.

Seniors: Last registration ever. If you played your cards right you should be taking all electives next semester. I think a celebration is in order.

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