Disclaimer: The Coffee Break Team knows little to nothing about astrology and has not been certified by the Society of Astrologists to provide horoscopes.


You’ll be very forgetful this week. In fact, you probably won’t remember reading this warning.


You’re always so strong, but this week you’ll falter. Don’t worry, that happens sometimes. Talk to an air sign about it. They’re used to not knowing what on earth is going on.


Rein in your gossiping for the week, Gemini. Earth signs have big ears.


You need to be honest with yourself, Cancer. Rip the band-aid off, face the music, whatever you have to do to quit living in an alternate reality.



You’ll feel the need to punch an air sign this week, but I implore you to contain your rage because air signs are far more delicate than they appear.


Virgo, maybe you should Vir-go apple picking or something to get off campus. You’ll start to feel very trapped this week.


You’re still thriving, but remember that Libra season won’t last forever.


Just another week, Scorpio. On the bright side, you’ll have nothing to be dramatic about. (Although, who am I kidding? You’ll find something.)


Your dorm room is probably already decked out in Halloween decorations and I love it. Keep living that Halloween month life. Spooky.


Take a deep breath and listen to some Taylor Swift, because this week will be a roller coaster of emotions.


I really hope things get better for you, Aquarius. If you need a hug, a Cancer is always willing to give you one. But stay away from Leos. They might want to punch you.



Just keep swimming, Pisces! Look at you go!

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