Bellarmine Lawn

Everyone needs a specific place to study. However, sometimes a study spot can get old. We have some great suggestions for places to study that aren’t the library. One of my favorite places to go hit the books is Bellarmine Lawn. When the weather is prime, take advantage of that open space and study away. I have gone out to the lawn with a big blanket and laid out in the sun while looking over notes many times. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can even see some real stags in the distance.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is a hidden gem for studying. The lounge is located on the lower left side of Egan Chapel. It’s a quiet, comfortable and relaxing place to gather your thoughts. It’s open to everyone on campus to come and enjoy. There are some amazingly comfortable couches and lounge chairs, along with plenty of accompanying tables. Many days, you’ll even find some snacks, water and coffee available for anyone passing through.

The best part about the spot is the giant fish tank available for your procrastinating pleasure. Whenever you need a break from your textbook, don’t look to your phone, crawl over to see some crazy fish, all of whom love to make friends. (*If you are someone who gets distracted easily, Campus Ministry may in fact not be the best study place for you). I highly recommend giving the lounge a shot. It’s open to students everyday into the late hours of the night. It’s quiet, peaceful and a safe change of scenery.


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