I know you’re all avid readers of this little column, so I figured what better way to vent my end of the semester frustrations than to address this matter in the paper.

As I’m sure you all remember from my previous columns, I had a wonderful week of spring break spent basking under the hot Jamaican sun, sipping on Red Stripe and shooing away the advances of many young gentlemen callers also on spring break and under the disillusionment that I was there for some “booty.”

I would like to tell you that I also spent this time enjoying a brief break in my academic work-load and rejuvenating my brain so that I could be recharged and ready to hit the books upon my arrival back at FU. That, however, would be a lie.

Truth be told, the thought of doing any type of school work now is not only unappealing to me, but makes me feel physically ill. I’d pretty much rather do anything other than solve an equation, read more than three sentences that aren’t presented to me in magazine form or on the back of a bottle or write anything down unless it’s my phone number on the back of some hotty-boom’s hand.

This isn’t to say my brain has totally ceased to function completely – I have become quite creative in my methods of procrastination and work avoidance.

For example, there was no way I could study for my advertising quiz before I cleaned my house and wrote on the Facebook wall of everyone I have ever met, including my sixth grade boyfriend, Sherkens Obie.

I would have loved to have done the readings for my history class had I not had to practice my softball throw with my roommates and then spend the remainder of that afternoon devising a plan to get our ball back out of our neighbor’s yard – yes, that was the day we got ourselves into the biggest pickle.

I had looked forward to writing my research paper all semester!!! – however, I couldn’t even think about it before changing the light bulb in my room, picking up some Easter candy at CVS, calling all my second cousins, organizing every picture I’ve ever taken in all of college and painting my nails.

I’m sure you all see now how busy the life of a senior can be and it’s probably best if I was excused from all upcoming assignments and any kind of final exams you may have been thinking about giving out.



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