Ah, the daunting RecPlex. Since Fairfield renovated the University’s athletic facilities, it’s actually kind of hard to not want to work out (easy, I said kind of). However, even when you do go to ~move it, move it~, there is normally a stark difference between how you expect it will go and what actually happens.

Expectation: You’ll go to the gym at least five or six times a week, and will make sure to get your steps in on the off days.

Reality: You find every excuse in the book (i.e. you’re too busy, you have an exam, you think you pulled your hamstring) to not go.

Expectation: You’ll blast your bomb Spotify playlist and do different cardio exercises for an hour, burning 1,000 calories.

Reality: You were on the bike for what felt like 28 days before your headphones died. You look down, ready to just go home, and find that you only burned 40 calories in 10 minutes.

Expectation: You walk into the gym chanting to yourself, “I will not get intimidated by the boys in the weight room, I will not get intimidated by the boys in the weight room.” A girl’s gotta work her muscles, too.

Reality: You get intimidated.

Expectation: You’ll be able to go straight to class because you’re such an athletic superstar that you’ll barely even sweat or smell bad.

Reality: When you’re done, you look like you just took a shower. Except, you’ll smell like you have not done so in at least a week.

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