What was your major/ minor?

Major: Politics

Minor: English

Where did you live all four years?

Campion freshman and sophomore year, then Loyola, Kostka (I was an RA from sophomore to senior year)

What were all of your roles on The Mirror?

Writer freshman year, then sports editor sophomore year, managing editor as a junior, editor [in-chief] senior year.

What was the most controversial story you published as editor in chief?

Every year, we suspected the administration would snatch up all the leftover copies of the issue that came out before “Preview Day” and destroy them. Senior year we figured let’s at least make it worth their while. So we ran a front page story about drug use under a four-column picture of someone sparking a bowl. Sure enough, when Preview Day rolled around nary a copy was left on the stands. In retrospect I suppose that was pretty immature of us.

What was your favorite/least favorite parts of being editor-in-chief?

Least favorite part: Having to make unpopular decisions occasionally.

Favorite part: Having power over/veto privileges on TV/music in the office.

How did your time at The Mirror prepare you for your career in journalism?

Excellently, insofar as the pay was meager and the hours long.

What is your favorite memory of Fairfield?
Walking anywhere on campus Thursday and seeing people stop wherever the Mirror was stocked so they could pick up an issue.

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