What was your major/ minor?

A: I majored in English, with concentrations in journalism and creative writing.

Where did you live all four years?

A: Freshman year to senior year: Campion, Loyola, McInnes, and Dolan. 

What were all of your roles on The Mirror?

A: My career ran from September 2010 to March 2014. I was a contributing writer, assistant Vine editor, Vine editor, executive editor, and finally, editor-in-chief.

What was the most controversial story you published as editor-in-chief?

A: At Apollo Night in 2014, a group of students had stopped the show to allow one performer to deliver a poem that the Office of ResLife had barred. ResLife said that the language in the poem could be deemed offensive to the audience, which had not just students, but also parents and their children. The story was controversial because it spurred subsequent op-eds and really made some students think of the power dynamic between students and staff and the boundaries of free expression on campus.

What was your favorite/least favorite parts of being Editor-in-Chief?

A: I loved working with a group of passionate and intelligent team members and I’m so proud of what we all accomplished. I really learned a lot, especially about accountability. If you made a mistake, fix it. If you did well, do even better next time! More positive things than negative but I do remember the late nights were extremely difficult. As editor-in-chief, I was responsible for sending out the pages to the printers . . . sometimes, I’d have to stay until 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, then go to class. Also, being editor-in-chief and a leader required me to break away from my natural introverted tendencies (like, hiding in a corner).  

How did your time at The Mirror prepare you for your future career?

A: During my Mirror career, I definitely honed my editorial sensibilities, which transfer well to my current job in book publishing (Simon & Schuster). I still ask many of the same questions that we asked in the newsroom: will consumers read this book? Will it be relevant by the time it publishes? Interviewing people and working with a team definitely made me more aware of how I should present myself and also how important it is to do your job well in order to help others successfully do theirs.

What is your favorite memory of Fairfield? Favorite Clam Jam memory?

A: I was—and still am—that kid who hated social gatherings, so I didn’t go to many Clam Jams. I don’t have a favorite memory of Fairfield; I can’t pick just one. As for Mirror-related, it’s the same deal, but I still remember the first issue the new staff had sent out on a late Tuesday night. Luigi, the managing editor, is this big, tall guy and he lifted me and Danica (the executive editor) up in the air. There’s a picture floating around in the office somewhere. ​


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